Who is your ideal client?

For advising, my ideal client is a service-based SMB or an early-stage SaaS company. I can best help those doing at least $100k in MRR but there is no minimum requirement.

During the engagement, I work with the founder and leadership team – especially those directly in charge of growth including marketing, sales, and business development.

For coaching, my ideal client is a person who has a successful life and is looking for help getting to what’s next. Sometimes this is the next startup and sometimes it’s gardening and hanging with dogs.

How many clients do you work with at a time?

I typically work with no more than 4 clients at a time.

How long does an advising engagement last?

Typically advisory engagements last 9-12 months. However, my minimum commitment is only three months.

I believe fit is the most important factor in determining the success of any engagement. I also believe setting value goals for each three-month sprint, along with crisp communication, ensures we are making progress and getting results.

Coaching engagements are also a three-month commitment. After that, it’s up to you how long we continue.

Do you have an advising “system”?

No. I believe the situation dictates the tactics. In other words, context is important in determining our direction and what we work on.

Each relationship requires a different approach given the age of the business, founder, product, team, and goals. My job is to listen and learn as much as possible before making recommendations or helping you develop your new perspective.

For strategic planning and advising engagements, I do follow a process for

  • Setting a baseline for measuring progress and results
  • Defining or refining mission and vision
  • Creating measurable strategic priorities
  • Defining vital steps for achieving strategic priorities
  • Setting key initiatives and first 12-month objectives for each vital step
  • Setting target dates, owners, and metrics for objectives
  • Forecasting, tracking, and following up

For coaching engagements, I like to start with an extensive discovery session so I can learn more about you. I then sometimes recommend a 360 review where I’m given access to your leadership team and close family members or friends to dig deeper and find opportunities.

Do you have other team members who can help us?

Yes. Whether you need help from an operations veteran, an expert in customer success, or a high-performing sales leader, I can bring them into our engagement. Any participation by these teammates is included in your engagement fee with me so you do not incur any unexpected expenses.

What does a typical session look like?

A few days before a session, I send a few questions for you to contemplate and provide answers to. I do this so we can maximize the time we spend together. These questions might be:

  • What progress have you made or what results have you produced since our last meeting?
  • Have you had any new realizations or big questions form?
  • What are the biggest 1-2 things you’re wrestling with right now?

How do we get started?

We start by having a discovery call. If after our call we agree there is a mutual fit, I send over a simple agreement to set expectations and require the first month’s payment before getting started.

Once that payment is complete, we schedule our first 90-minute meeting where I work to understand your challenges and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

How often do we meet?

I typically meet with clients weekly. Additionally, you can text or email me anytime at your convenience. Usually, I will respond immediately, but always within a few hours.

If something is emergent, I will work with you to get on a call ASAP.

Do you do in-person meetings?

Yes. Some things like strategic planning just take time and work much better when everyone is in the same room for several hours or in some cases a couple of days. However, in the spirit of momentum, I encourage phone calls and virtual meetings for most sessions.

How long is a session?

After our 90-minute introductory call, our typical session will be 60 minutes but there are no hard and fast rules. If the session needs more time, we will take it. Or, if I need to join a larger virtual meeting for 10-15 minutes or just have a quick call, I can.

How often can I reach out?

You can reach out as often as needed. The point of our relationship is for me to provide strategic guidance when you need it. Some clients reach out once per week, while others reach out daily. Don’t be shy to text or call me.

When are you available?

I typically make myself available Monday-Friday, between 10-6 Central time. However, I can usually accommodate you if you need me outside of those hours.

How do we schedule our sessions?

I will provide you with a Calendly link that gives you access to my schedule. You pick the times available that work best for you.

How else do you help between sessions?

I can review a plan, talk through a decision, discuss GTM strategies, offer comp planning advice, give feedback on marketing plans and sales playbooks, and much more.

I can help make introductions to my network of operators and individual contributors. I can also review partnership opportunities and assist with terms and contracts.

Is there anything that you do not do as an advisor?

As an advisor, I don’t do traditional consulting work that comes with deliverables. So, I don’t build playbooks, pitch decks, or process documents.

I always recommend someone from the client side attend advisor meetings to help capture what is discussed. Otherwise, I use Fireflies to capture notes from all Zoom sessions.

If I need something in between sessions, how quickly can you respond?

I try to have a < 24-hour response time. If something requires a faster response, the best way to reach out is by text.

When can I provide you with direct feedback?

I encourage you to provide candid feedback as early and often as possible, and I commit to doing the same.

In fact, I prefer striving to overcommunicate with the goal of ensuring mutual accountability and staying clear on expectations.

How much time do I have to make a decision to move forward or not?

As much as you need. There is no urgency for you to make a decision to work with me. I prefer working with the right leader and the right company at the right time.

What is your rate?

$5,000 per month. All packages come with 4x monthly meetings (60 minutes) and access via phone, email, and text 10-6 Central, Monday thru Friday.

How do I set up a call to learn more?

To get the process started, you can click the button below to submit an inquiry.